Why Nano CBD ? Our Proprietary NanoZorb Technology

The main advantage of nano CBD supplements are mainly their higher percentage of absorption of the active substance . Our CBD has upto a 4X absorption from most of the competitors. And with our unique NanoZorb technology, our extraction process, and absorption characteristics, our products are just better.

NanoZorb is a proprietary trademarked extraction and nano absorption process that will give you  a better, more  absorbable product. We have built, from the ground up, are evolutionary  three- stage nano particle processor which ensures a lipid bond for cellular recognition, as well as a particle size less than 100nm and is as small as 5nm. The NanoZorb technology provides a superior method for enhanced solubilization of various compounds (a process which increases the dissolution rate of poorly soluble ingredients) and reduces micron-sized compounds to nano-particles (miniaturization). The nano particles are then stabilized against agglomeration by surface absorption of selected GRAS (Generally Recognized asSafe) stabilizers along with other trade secrets that have been developed. The result of this revolutionary processing technique is a dispersible liquid nano-suspension of various substances which dramatically improves stability, along withdispersionandabsorptionproperties.Thesethencanbeprocessedintofinisheddosageforms for various routes of administration. After many years of testing, we believe this is one of the most stable nano processes on the market. We also have scientific proof of our particle size.


A beautiful product with the most advanced delivery system. 

Pump'N'Go technology is a much more advanced way to consume tinctures.

Eliminates Contamination

We have found with through our research that many people accidentally touch the dropper on the inside of their mouth while dosing CBD. This, unfortunately, contaminates the product. With Bottled Poetry's new pump squirt top, the inside of the bottle stays good to the last drop.

Get An Exact Dose Each Time

One of the most dif´Čücult things that even seasoned CBD users have is a problem with is knowing how much is an exact dose. With this method, you get .5ml per squirt every single time. Now you can take out the guesswork to find your perfect dose.

Eliminates Oxidization

Did you know that every time you open the top to a dropper style tincture, the product is becoming oxygenated? With our new squirt top you never take off the lid so your CBD is as fresh as when it came out of the laboratory.

- Zero Wastage

No More Scrapping from the bottom and wasting those last few drops. 

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